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Proctor T, Jensen K, Kieser M (2019). Integrated evaluation of targeted and non-targeted therapies in a network meta-analysis. Biometrical Journal. (accepted).
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Proctor T, Jensen K, Kieser M (2020). Integrated evaluation of targeted and non-targeted therapies in a network meta-analysis.Biom J 62/3:777-789.
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Unkel S, Amiri M, Benda N, Beyersmann J, Knoerzer D, Kupas K, Langer D, Leverkus F, Loos A, Ose C, Proctor T, Schmoor C, Schwenke C, Skipka G, Unnebrink K, Voos F, Friede T (2019). On estimands and the analysis of adverse events in the presence of varying follow-up times within the benefit assessment of therapies.Pharmaceutical Statistics 18/2:166-183.
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Kowalewski K.F, Garrow C.R, Proctor T, Preukschas A.A, Friedrich M, Müller P.C, Kenngott H.G, Fischer L, Müller-Stich B.P, Nickel F (2018). LapTrain: multi-modality training curriculum for laparoscopic cholecystectomy—results of a randomized controlled trial.Surgical Endoscopy 32/9:3830-3838.
Kowalewski K.F, Schmidt M.W, Proctor T, Pohl M, Wennberg E, Karazda E, Romero P, Kenngott H.G, Mueller-Stich B.P, Nickel F (2018). Skills in minimally invasive and open surgery show limited transferability to robotic surgery: results from a prospective study.Surgical Endoscopy 32/4:1656-1667.
Sedaghat-Hamedani F, Kayvanpour E, Tugrul O.F, Lai A, Amr A, Haas J, Proctor T, Ehlermann P, Jensen K, Katus H.A, Meder B (2018). Clinical outcomes associated with sarcomere mutations in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: a meta‑analysis on 7675 individuals.Clinical Research in Cardiology 107/1:30-41.
Zylla M.M, Hillmann H.A.K, Proctor T, Kieser M, Scholz E, Zitron E, Katus H.A, Thomas D (2018). Use of the wearable cardioverter‑defibrillator (WCD) and WCD‑based remote rhythm monitoring in a real‑life patient cohort.Heart and Vessels 33/11:1390-1402.
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Heger P, Probst P, Huettner F.J, Gooßen K, Proctor T, Mueller-Stich B.P, Strobel O, Buechler M.W, Diener M.K (2017). Evaluation of Open and Minimally Invasive Adrenalectomy: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis.World Journal of Surgery 41/11:2746-2757.
Kowalewski K.F, Hendrie J.D, Schmidt M.W, Garrow C.R, Bruckner T, Proctor T, Paul S, Adiguezel D, Bodenstedt S, Erben A, Kenngott H, Erben Y, Speidel S, Mueller-Stich B.P, Nickel F (2017). Development and validation of a sensor- and expert model-based training system for laparoscopic surgery: the iSurgeon.Surgical Endoscopy 31/5:2155-2165.
Kowalewski K.F, Hendrie J.D, Schmidt M.W, Proctor T, Paul S, Garrow C.R, Kenngott H, Mueller-Stich B.P, Nickel F (2017). Validation of the mobile serious game application Touch Surgery for cognitive training and assessment of laparoscopic cholecystectomy.Surgical Endoscopy 31/10:4058-4066.
Pinart M, Kranz J, Jensen K, Proctor T, Naber K, Kunath F, Wagenlehner F, Schmidt S (2017). Optimal dosage and duration of pivmecillinam treatment for uncomplicated lower urinary tract infections: a systematic review and meta-analysis.International Journal of Infectious Diseases 58:96-109.
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Proctor T, Schumacher M (2016). Analysing adverse events by time-to-event models: the CLEOPATRA study.Pharmaceutical Statistics 15/4:306-314.
Streit M.R, Haeussler D, Bruckner T, Proctor T, Innmann M.M, Merle C, Gotterbarm T, Weiss S (2016). Early Migration Predicts Aseptic Loosening of CementlessFemoral Stems: A Long-term Study.Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research 474/7:1697-1706.
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